Soraja Trigo is a Swiss actress of Italian and Portuguese origin. Born in a family full of free spirits, she was raised in Switzerland open-minded with respect and tolerance. Soraja speaks several languages due to her background (Swiss-German, German, Italian, Portuguese and English). As a child, Soraja made her first experiences in the entertainment industry in front of the camera at a commercial shooting and on stages at various dance and theater performances. Out of this resulting enthusiasm for art, she decided to become an actress.


Soraja Trigo is a communication talent - verbal and nonverbal. Equipped with a great emotional instrument and her versatility, she is able to embody diverse characters as memorable human beings.


Within her young career, Soraja has already played some impressive major and minor roles in award-winning movies and TV series such as "Bernegger & Juric", "Dreamland", "Rewind" and "Zurich 8001" to name a few. It’s clear, she loves to be in front of cameras! 

A face already known in Switzerland, now is ready to capture the international market.


Influenced by her values, she approaches her work with enthusiasm and fascination. She does not only want to live art, she also wants to inspire others - create something that will be remembered and fill her fellow human beings with passion!